Ronik Ronik

How I work

NOTE: This page is a little technical. If you find it difficult to process try the About page.

I choose to work with people who have proven to be exceptional in what they do.

Together, we design, build, itterate through and improve interactive, accessible websites and digital products.



Work taught me that any two projects are rarely the same. A sensible and pragmatic approach is key for best results, both in the short term and in the long run.


Being pragmatic doesn't mean I spend no time working on small details that will make a big difference. User experience is very important.


You want your visitors to stay on the website for a while. Discovering little details all over your website is a good way to achieve this.



The tools and tech I use need to be a good fit for me. Bending myself out of shape for a bad tool is not for me.


Apart from a few exceptions, new tools rarely do a better job than tools that have been out there for a decade or more. Working in large teams is another story but that's not what we're about.

Do things differently


I firmly believe we cannot work in the same way as any other company in the industry and expect to deliver better results.


This is why I only work in small teams of highly experienced professionals. Focusing on just one area allows me and everyone else on the team to do top level work.