Ronik Ronik

Everything for your
online business

Ronik is a software development
business focused on frontend programming.

About me

My name is Marko
I am one part in a group of exceptional,
problem solving professionals.

About working with me

We create bespoke, tailor-made software that makes your business run smoother.

Let me lead you on your digital transformation journey.

What I do

I deal with the frontend of your online business.
Frontend is everything your employees, users and visitors are facing on screen when using your digital products.
All of this is my responsibility.

How I work

I strive to create quality work. Quality takes effort and resources. This is why I work with other outstanding freelancers whenever possible.


My job is making sure that your brand online:

  • — looks nice

  • — loads fast

  • — is accessible, fun and easy to use

  • — and fits the backend perfectly

Reach out

You now know who I am. Let's discuss who you are and how I can help you with your new project.