Ronik Ronik


This website would not have been possible to make without people who shared their knowledge on the web.

We are talking about thousands of people who invested millions of man-hours into free and open-source software.

I've listed some of them on this page.


Locomotive Boilerplate

I've been using this repo since 2019. It has everything you need to start building a website that has it all. A built-in animation system, page transitions. Clear and logically structured. Every aspect was well though-through. Can recommend to anyone who doesn't have a strictly defined workflow but is looking fo one.


Atipo Foundry

The website uses Manrope and Bariol typefaces. Atipo Foundry offers a number of fonts for free.



Immeasurably valuable tool for anyone who wants to offer hosting for small, static websites.


I could name other tools like Github, Sass, Gulp, Figma... the list never ends. All these tools are a tiny part in a whole. They are all free but demand a certain time investment to get adopted and to start producing results.

If you think websites are expensive remember that they are built on a foundation that was given to us to be used for free by some people and companies. Without them everything would be much, much more expensive.